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About the Writer/Producer
Lynne Newton

Lynne Newton
Writers Personal Statement 

I never really considered myself a writer.  I always thought a writer was someone who could write best-selling novels creatively and convincingly.  But in hindsight I know now that a writer is really just a willing participant.  A writer is a creator who is not afraid to give their perspective through their own personal lens. Once I understood that concept, I realized I’ve been a writer almost all my life.


I knew my next story would have something to do with Egypt, as I have been fascinated by the culture since I can remember. One inspiration that helped me to carry it through was watching Tom Cruise’s “The Mummy”. But the inspiration that really took me over the top, was a friend suggested that I do several deep past life regression hypnosis/meditations to find out if I was Egyptian in a past life. And so, I did. During the hypnosis/meditative state, I found out that I was a healer in ancient Egypt. Hence the birth of my unconventional strong female heroine Enipheres (Ee-nif-fah-rees) in Illumination Paradox. 

When writing any script, I try to encompass issues relating to humankind. Social messages such as environmental impact are woven throughout my writing. Highlighting the importance of equality, culture, and other topics are a high priority for me. I hope this story ignites hope and breathes fresh air to the notion that we can always choose to do what is beneficial for the good of all.

About the Concept

Sweeping across millennia and the cosmos, Illumination Paradox tells an epic and original tale of heroism, adventure and humanity, a story of ultimate good vs ultimate evil. The story features a strong female protagonist and a cast of characters who border on myth and legend.  When human beings are pushed to the limit, how do we rise to the challenge of saving ourselves and our planet?  The new era of human evolution has begun.

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