About the Writer/Producer

Lynne Newton
Writers Personal Statement 

How did I start writing you ask? If I really go way back, the year 1986, I started writing when I was around 18 years old.  I was always the creative and expressive type who would write their thoughts down in journals in order to cope with whatever teenage drama that was happening for the day, and I’m so fortunate I did.


Fast forward to the year 2011 I decided I wanted to write a biography about my life, and so I did. I wrote as much about my experience as I could think to write about, but realistically I didn’t have enough content to complete a full novel. Feeling deflated, I put the project on hold for the next 3 years. Until one day, I was cleaning and organizing my cabinets and stumbled upon 6 hardback books with journal inserts starting from 1986!  Voila! There was the rest of my book.


I tell this story because I know the importance of chronicling one’s life.  Not only do I get to look back at my self-growth, but future generations of my family can gain knowledge of their history. Writing is an imprint that will stay behind long after I’m gone. I will be leaving a legacy and a glimpse into what was.


I never really considered myself a writer.  I always thought a writer was someone who could write best-selling novels creatively and convincingly.  But in hindsight I know now that a writer is really just a willing participant.  A writer is a creator who is not afraid to give their perspective through their own personal lens. Once I understood that concept, I realized I’ve been a writer almost all my life.


Besides my book, I knew my next story would have something to do with Egypt, as I have been fascinated by the culture since I can remember. Although I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted to write about, I started writing Illumination Paradox in the summer of 2016. One inspiration that helped me to carry it through was watching Tom Cruise’s “The Mummy”. I was intrigued and thrilled that the lead character was not a mummy but a strong female villain who had a commanding presence.


The inspiration that really took me over the top, was my good friend suggested that I do several deep past life regression hypnosis/meditations to find out if I was Egyptian in a past life. And so, I did. During the hypnosis/meditative state, I found out that I was a healer in ancient Egypt. I could see myself pouring oils and potions over the sick, distraught and mangled. I got the feeling I was a off the beaten path and underground healing guru of the time.  I was definitely not a typical Egyptian. Hence the birth of my unconventional strong female heroine Enipheres (Ee-nif-fah-rees) in Illumination ParadoxI hope this story ignites hope and breathes fire to the notion that we can always choose to change our minds for the good of all.

About the Concept

Sweeping across millennia and the cosmos, Illumination Paradox tells an epic and original tale of heroism, adventure and humanity, a story of ultimate good vs ultimate evil. The story features a strong female protagonist and a cast of characters who border on myth and legend.  When human beings are pushed to the limit, how do we rise to the challenge of saving ourselves and our planet?  The new era of human evolution has begun.