About the Writer/Producer
Lynne Newton

American Actress, Writer and Producer Lynne Newton started her performance career at the young age of seven in the "Show Me State" of Missouri. In the 1990's Lynne moved to Hollywood to continue her craft and has blazed quite an impressive trail since her move west, and currently has multiple films in various stages of production. With over fifty acting, producing and writing credits (including best actress nominations and awards) Lynne is making a solid name for herself in the filmmaking industry. Illumination Paradox is one of the next films you will see her starring in, along with an outstanding cast and crew. 

About the Directors
Mike Breyer

Mike Breyer is a versatile actor, writer, producer and director as well as the CEO of Frogg1 Productions located in Palm Springs, CA. . He received his BS degree from the University of South Dakota in 1993. Mike is now in post production on his first feature film "Gradation" where he stars as Lucrative Street and is also the director, writer, producer and editor among other titles. Mike's first movie appearance was in the 1992 film "Thunderheart" which was filmed in South Dakota while Mike was working at Mt. Rushmore. Mike has also appeared in movies such as "Ed Wood", "S.F.W.", "Prank", "Skin Props", and a co-starring role as Jake in the feature film "Dream State". 

Rachel F. Betts

Rachel F. Betts is a Los Angeles Filmmaker, United States Navy Veteran, Founder of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization DTAIBAI Inc. (Don't Talk About It Be About It), and 2-time graduate of Full Sail University where she earned both her Bachelor degree's in Recording Arts as well as her MFA in Film Production. Rachel has written and directed several short films including her 3-time Award-Winning Documentary film "Mr. Windy" which was recently selected into its 22nd film festival and won for Best Director, Best Christian Film and received the Spiritual Award for inspiring audiences.

the Creative Artist

Frank Perry

as Ugandes

Kiana Harris

as Young Enipheres

David Terrell as Ocicpoc

Mizo Ghendar

 as Acytees

Noah Harris

as Eems

Jamal Johnson

as Nahtumtek

Lynne Newton 

as Enipheres & Edie Jackson

Kyla  Alvarez

as Imokmet

DH Lewis

as Siliap

Mustafa Haidari

as Vatkoonrat

Patrice Driver

as Zetmet

Aida Karapetian

as Templaytes

Blaise Brooks

as Rachel Smith

Wonnie Short

as Marcus Gentry

Mark Winn

as Sharif Mansuer

Robyn Von Arx

as Fanta Clemington

Robert Amico

as Henriquez

Lisa Hallquist

as Anna Deer Eyes

Ewart Chin

as Shin Hong Lee

Lynne Delaney

as Agent Delaney

Adra Fenstermaker

as Nebula Infinity

Himanshu Prasad

as Nebula3

Jessica Rian

as Nebula2

Ruben Roberto Gomez

as Nebula5

2010 - present
2010 - present

Peter McGlynn

as Nebula4

Shari Vasseghi

as Nebula6

Mike Breyer

as Hannibal Clemington & Nebula1

Kathryn Melton

as Ziga Jackson

Jason Washington

as Rahceek aka "Rahceey" Jackson

Anna McNiven

as Gracie Sebastian

Joseph T. May

as Cy Jackson

Jessica Obilom

as Gaia

Meet the Crew
Anne Robinson
Wardrobe Stylist
Erik Kjonaas
Rashon Wilson 
Wardrobe Stylist
Renee Parry
Key Makeup Artist
Dustin Pruitt
Key Gaffer
April Garcia
Key Makeup Artist
Ryan Livian
Rotoscope Artist
Daniel Urena
VFX Supervisor &
Lead Environment Artist
Daniel Vanlandingham
SFX 3-D Compositing Artist/Unreal Engine Artist
Michael Rendon
 SFX-3D Asset Artist
Johnny Alcerro
SFX-ZBrush Sculpture Artist
Mike Breyer
Howard Benjamin
Sound Design
Vivianna Alicia
Caterer Assistant
Ewart Chin
Stunt Coordinator
Charlotte Grady
Set Design
Hernan Ancerra
Sound Assistant/BTS Photographer
James Barth
Supervising Sound Editor
Willie Bass-Griffin
1st AD
Teddy C. White
1st AC
Robert Waldman
Key Photographer
Gernine Lindsey
Omar Weatherburne
2nd AC
Elizabeth Keith
2nd AD
Sherry Wong
Production Manager
Jasmine Castro
Production Assistant
Jake Bonham
Additional Editing

Danitra Meekins

Makeup Artist

Yecenia Frausto

Makeup Artist

LuLu Herndon

Makeup Artist

Special Thanks
Mark A. Paskell
Story Consultant & Coach
Marc & Elaine Zicree
Britt Wynn
Script Editor
Norris Smith
Stewart Farquhar
Script Analyst
Mike Breyer
Still Photographer & Additional Editor
Rafael Jorge
NoHo Studio Rentals
Nina Gosienfiao
Michael Zoumas
Consulting Producer
Emily Shuttleworth
Graphic Designer 

Crystal Ramirez

Makeup Artist